Thursday, October 29, 2015


It’s been a while,
What could possibly last that long?
You may ask.
Memories do.
Some even longer.
Some among them across lifetimes.

Memories of laughter
And of unspoken words
A sojourn in white
Like a fleeting dream
Bathed in sunlight
In the golden hue
Humming the soulful tune
From a wordless song.

And a nameless heart drumming
Only a few steps away
A story that has its beginning
A long lifetime ago
Yet no end in sight
A yarn of possibilities
Yet of an evading kind
The youthful promises
That slowly fade away

Their memories linger
Like a sheet of mist
A whiff of the breeze
Cool and fresh on thy soul
Long after the clouds are gone
And the wet earth has lost its smell
And the storm has passed.
Like the silver threads
Weaving a tapestry
Of a long lost tale
From a long lifetime ago.

Monday, July 07, 2014

Remember... (A Mother’s Aspiration)


Dear darling child of mine,
Everyone you know
Will expect you to choose an aim
When you are growing up and learning
They would of course give you a choice
To be a doctor or an engineer
A photographer or a dancer
Remember to choose your passion
Before you choose an aim.

Everyone you meet
Will want to know
How you are doing at school
Whether you excel in Science or Literature
In Sports or in Art
Remember to excel in your virtues
Before you excel in your chosen field.

Remember to be good
To water the plants,
And to cuddle the pets,
To throw out the trash,
To love your friends.
Remember to be brave -
To fight for the weak
Before you fight for yourself
To do what is righteous
Rather than being right always.
Remember to dream
Impossible dreams
And then go about making them true
To imagine your own world
Just like that out of the blue. 

Remember your path
Is yours alone to tread
From cradle to the end
Life is what you make 

So remember to:
Chase any dream that you fancy,
Achieve every goal that you can,
But aspire only to be kind and brave -
A humble and righteous man!


Saturday, December 01, 2012


December is here. Finally after the eleven months long wait, it is the first day of my favourite month. Yes, I am a very December girl! Not only because I was born in December, but yes that is true. I love December because it is a gateway to new beginnings. It's festive around the globe, and everyone starts having dazzling dreams amidst the stars, lights, gold and glitter. It is also a month of charity, I have felt it is during this festive time that everyone goes out of the way to serve the less fortunate. It is a month of hope, of love, joy and peace, of Christmas cheer. No, happiness is not overrated, it is so evident in the sparkling eyes of children and adult alike, in December!

So happiness and joy to all... Happy December!

Sunday, September 09, 2012

Moods on a Sunday swing!

Today deserves a post. It has been one of the loveliest Sundays ever. Last night I dreamt of Rusty - my favourite writer, my late grandmother - my favourite storyteller, and many of the much loved places of my childhood. Then today, after a long time, I had a date with myself. I needed this after the crazy couple of last weeks moving flats. This was my 39th move between homes, cities, continents, 40th if you count the one from hospital where I was born to home.

Photo courtesy:
So I needed the morning. The extra lazy morning, where I could be in bed as long as I could - have fresh toast and homemade butter for breakfast - call a long lost friend, and catch up like it was yesterday we last met - flowing into a lazy afternoon watching cookery shows. Ah all the trimmings of perfect bliss.

In all the perfection I was missing something. May be, I was missing the setting of fall, that makes me yearn for north america. Or the warm smiles of the Shetland islanders with whom I have fondest memories. Or that spring and summer are fading away and days are growing incredibly shorter. I couldn't put a finger on what, but something (or someone) was missing.

So after a long time, I did what I do on lazy melancholy mornings. I returned to my journal, the paint brushes and the poetry book. It felt good just reading through some of my old poems. I secretly thanked my maa for forcing me to write them in a notebook.

Sharing here somethings which I found... Strikes a chord with my heart this evening, as if in the deepest and strangest dance of harmony.

Far beyond the misty haze,
Beyond the crimson hue,
A cherry tree blossoms,
Bright, fresh and new.
My cherry tree blossoms,
Solitary, pure and true...

Before it turns all too melancholy for my liking, I take my last refuge in the fresh bright flowers dotted around my home for the day and dream on...

Wednesday, May 09, 2012

Satyamev Jayate: the truth however uncomfortable shall prevail

I watched the first episode of Satyamev Jayate today, which talked about female foeticide in India and I have been feeling uncomfortable ever since. From the reactions on social media, I gather many of us are feeling the same way. There must have been quite a few gasps, tears, lumps in the throat, heavy hearts, a lot of trending on twitter, posts and reposts on facebook. I would be surprised if there weren’t; it is “an honest show”, “a step in the right direction”, and all that. But what happens next?

I have noticed that we often get very emotional, agitated and idealistic when we hear someone else’s account of atrocity and torture. But we tend to succumb when it starts happening to us. I recall one of the interviewees mentioning something on lines of it being as much of a crime to succumb to torture as it is to inflict it on someone. The fact is, and it is a really sad fact, that she had to endure it in order to realise it. Here we may put the blame on lack of education. But educated women from well to do families succumb to torture and emotional pressures at different levels every day.

We don’t need the TV show to see evidence of that. If you are a woman you will know what I mean. If you are a man you would most likely tend to avoid thinking about it or give some reasoning about how men are supposed to be bearers of family name and how women should (take the cue from Sita and) follow their husbands’ command even to her own peril. We seem to be hardwired that way. To endure until it is unbearable and to inflict it until we are exposed. Nevertheless, we cringe with disgust when the neighbour or the cousin does it. We blame the society and in doing so we ignore the fact that we ARE the society. Then we go about doing our chores. And when we face any tricky situation we tend to take the easy path, to succumb, to tolerate, to let our emotions get the better of us. The cycle is vicious and seems never-ending. The hushed and muffled voices are too many, the raised ones too few. We are horrified by three victims and their experiences. To think there were three crores of them sends shivers down my spine!

Satyamev Jayate episode 1 at least makes us pause and think. I am glad the show has taken up the prime Sunday morning slot for broadcast. Hopefully the children are also watching alongside their parents and grandparents. Hope they will start poking us with the difficult questions soon. The kinds we have so far avoided asking ourselves.

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

#15 Walking the Thames Path: London Eye to Putney

This winter, dillydallying on where to go during spring/summer, we stumbled upon the idea to walk the Thames path. This is a 183 miles walking trail along the course of the river from its source in Cotswold to the Thames Barrier in the east coast of England. But all was not walkable at once, given our limited time on weekends in London, so we have decided to walk it in segments.

Our first one during the Easter weekend was the 8.1 miles from London Eye at the heart of the city to Putney footbridge after the Wandsworth park along its south bank.

Embankment Pier
We took the tube to Embankment, crossed the footbridge Near Westminster and started walking along the south bank of Thames.
Westminster, North bank
This was slightly crowded with tourists buzzing, so we took the strolling pace. Once we got past the crowd, with Westminster across the river, we stopped (before we had even started) for coffee.
Stopping for coffee even before we start!
We walked along the southbank for a while before moving inland before the Batthersea Power Station, then joined the river again through the Battersea Park at the serene Peace Pagoda.
Peace Pagoda at Battersea
After a breather at Battersea, enjoying the sight of Chelsea on the northbank and the pleasing sound of the gurgling river, we trotted along, by posh new apartments, riverside pubs, numerous bridges, grand and regal houses and mesmerising old churches until we reached the Wandsworth park.
Northbank at Chelsea

The Path ahead, at Battersea Park
Here we sat in the shade of the hundred year old lime trees, then crossed the river at the Putney footbridge and took the tube back home.
From Putney Footbridge
The next leg will be Putney to Richmond. Simply cannot wait.